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We've worked with a Dealer in the past located in a major metro market. They've outgrown their facility and don't have enough land to expand. It's too tough to get labor at living wages, commuting costs are too high, and there just isn't enough density of that level of staff in the immediate geography. With that said, how do you get a controlled message from people that can and want to speak for your dealership? Sometimes you can't...

Every dealership needs a Service Drive, and many do. However, not many dealerships really use the Service Drive the way they should. Perhaps the dealership is really busy and turn loaners really fast. Regardless most sales people do not have the opportunity to speak with customers live and most customer do not want to be approached while in the Service Drive.

So, how do we gain interest and build excitement?



Implement our fully-staffed BDC Solutions

  • We will help oversee Unsold traffic in the dealership, respond to all Internet Leads and inbound phone sales opportunities and schedule appointments right into your CRM!
  • The Managed Services Business Development Center will respond to a pre-determined number of internet form submission leads and inbound phone sales opportunities from both dealers' website and 3rd party sources.
  • We provide a First Quality Response (FQR) within 30 minutes of arrival. The objective is to schedule a sales appointment for in-market consumers within a 72-hour period. After which, the opportunity is then handed off back to the dealership for continued follow up.

BDC Pros can provide a soft customer service interaction to get the customer set up warm for a service drive appraisal.

Features at a Glance

  • Fully-staffed BDC Solution!
  • Help Oversee Unsold Traffic in Dealership
  • Respond to all Internet Leads and Inbound Phone Sales
  • Schedule Appointments into Dealer CRM
  • Provide First Quality Response (FQR)
Full Service BDC starting at $1,995/mo