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Let's say you have a handful of stores in several different locations. Each of them are doing a bit of their own thing. One BDC does it 'this way', another BDC does it 'that way'.

There are four stores in three CRMs and it is not quite clear what is being used to its fullest potential. And of course the Dealer is tired of looking at reports from three different CRMs to see if they're even being used. One day, the Manufacturer comes in and says, "Hey! We noticed your CSI is trending down. Do you know what's causing it?".

The Dealer does not have a clear answer.

So how can BDC Pros help solve this problem?



With custom process guidebooks and on-site training, we've developed a custom enterprise solution for the Dealer.

  • We provide a 65 pg manual for BDC reps and a 35 pg manual for Sales Managers so everyone knows how their system is supposed to operate.
  • To reinforce our process, an on-site trainer took everybody through the guidebook page-by-page to ensure understanding.
  • We also provide additional, on-going remote phone coaching to help folks stay on script and reinforce the training provided.
  • Our team lastly goes into each CRM and provides a standardized usage report for the Dealer of which the dealer has the option of daily text or email, as well as weekly email reporting.

To help correct the Dealer's CSI, we were able to help them solve the problem by identifying where the pinch point was in the process by providing CSI follow up survey calls.

  • Did the customer have to wait?
  • Was the car dirty?
  • Salesperson not making the deal work?
  • Did the customer hate their salesperson?
  • Did they not get to speak with a Manager?

Features at a Glance

  • 65 pg Manual for BDC reps
  • 35 pg Manual for Sales Managers
  • On-site Training
  • Remote Phone Coaching
  • Weekly Email Reporting
  • Standardized Usage Reports
  • CSI Follow-up Survey Calls
Ask about on-site training starting at $999/day!