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We have experienced situations where a Dealer has worked with a few consultants or trainers in their CRM over the years. Because of there being too many hands in the pot, some processes work, some don't.

There have been other scenarios where a dealer is experiencing an ownership change somewhere in their market. These guys showed up and came on Strong and the Dealer is unsure of just what exactly they're up to.

Other times the opportunity for improvement is completely internal. Sometimes the Dealer just doesn't have a global handle on the effort their employees are providing because they operate a centralized BDC and don't have a clear idea of what effort is happening where.



We conducted a CRM Audit & Analysis to provide insight onto what tools were available to the BDC and how they were currently being used.

We also ran a 72-hour Mystery Shop Opportunity Analysis by submitting internet leads and an inbound phone sales call to get an idea of the competitions:

  • Response Time
  • VDP/SRP Comparison
  • Lead Submission
  • Communication Scoring

Upon completion of the CRM Audit, CRM Analysis and Mystery Shop, we implemented performance monitoring solutions which help the Dealer gain an enterprise-level view of the actual efforts coming out of their BDC.

Features at a Glance

  • CRM Audit
  • CRM Analysis
  • Mystery Shop Analysis
  • Performance Monitoring
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