CRM Management


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CRM Management

CRM Management provides an organization extra-ordinary/remarkable structure, control, accountability and liability. When you are a partner with BDC Pros then you are a partner with a team of people that will mentor the activity and progression to take your dealership to the next level. CRM Management designed to make sure the processes and the procedures implemented stay intact.


The BDC PRO will work with the dealership throughout their business development. From onboarding, process implementation and reinforcement to interpretation of metrics identifying areas of best opportunity, coaching the staff and ongoing evaluation, the BDC PRO is a dealership’s personal coach each step of the way.

Process Evaluation - Inquiry Evaluations & Coaching

BDC Evaluation allows you to improve response to customer inquiries, client communication, increase appointment ratios and drive more effective traffic to your dealership by improving your technique. BDC evaluate both inbound sales and service calls, and Internet inquires to provide influencing feedback on your initial response to customers. For each evaluation you will also receive a coaching feedback that can be used as a training tool to improve their technique.

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