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Who should Attend?

Step by Step Success Formula

  • Right People
  • Priority of Calling
  • Pace Chart
  • Structure
  • Hourly Management Techniques

While your employee is at our excursion program they will be shown how to create a solid appointment that shows and buys a day during the 5 days creating traffic at the store ... resulting in 8-10 sales a week plus the best habits any sales professional should have process management training .... minimal expense $2,000 plus travel  Return - 6-8 Sold Car deals and a Process Management PRO in return! Our BDR's average 20 cars sold per month!!! Get you one!

What Would a 10-12% additional yearly Increase do to Your Bottom Line?

Accountability for activity on an hourly/daily basis is more important now than ever before, the dynamic shift in the way consumers go about their business has increased the need for a more structured approach to generate and manage leads.

A BDC is now a necessity and always has been Sales people can't sell cars and make phone calls, is why the BDC must be seen not as a department but as the culture of the dealership both in Sales and Service

Example of an ideal process

Internet lead pops up in CRM....BDC implemenation a VIP Appointment to meet directly with a sales manager, using internet phone first script...customer shows up at the dealership asking for said sales manager....


Sales manager sits customer down goes over why buy from us and does a product selection .... product specialist gets vehicle and brings vehicle up front, parks with all doors, hood and trunk open except window sticker door... performs professional walk around starting at Monroney Label landing customer in drivers seat .... demo drive .... service walk .... ask for commitment ... manager comes back out with figures to purchase vehicle (no trade and financing) customer asks what's my payment ... "no problem our business manager will discuss your financing options"... "product specialist" packages car deal ... passes to manager .... and customer is signed into the business office ... F&I manager comes out quick to reset clock with a quick intro and fact gathering, leaves... loads deal grabs customer... presents menu customer signs ... delivery done by delivery coordinator product specialists will be busy repeating process with next VIP appointment set by the BDC .... :) How does that sound?

We provide an A-Z in regard to setup and implementation of BDC from hiring to fundamental techniques to the metrics of the professional functionality of the room.

Travel to Omaha NE 5 days, for 8 hours a day we will instill process management into your sales staff. Key takeaways; Total Opportunity Management, Priority of Work Flow, Pace, Fool Proof Scripts, 100/30/8/4/2 Principle, establishing a priority of activities to maximize your effort and completing activities in order to establish maximum time management which will produce Maximum results from your employees!

Variable Opps Excursion

Your dealership needs solid appointments that show everyday. We will train your staff how to create those solid appointments though effective process management.

Fixed Opps Excursion

More appointments more RO's.

Has Your Staff Ever Had Any Formal Training?

Doing is Believing...can't manage what you can't measure. Do your future self a favor, because when you are green your growing and when your ripe you rot! Have You, Your Sales Management Staff ever had any formal CRM or Phone Training?

Probably not... right?

Isn't that a little crazy?

Here's the thing, I've been in the automotive industry for 17 years, I averaged 45 cars a month as a sales person for 5 years, I managed the #1 Hyundai Store in Nebraska for 2 years, took a Toyota dealership from 56th position to top 20 in just 2 months, I've been an Internet Sales Manager, BDC Manager and Director and I did all of this before I received any formal training...

I guess my main question is why do we in the car business just throw people at our problems instead of taking our people and plugging them into a system?

Imagine how much more effective your team would be if they didn't have to make all the mistakes that come with learning on their own… If they had a system that by the end of this month could increase your contact ratio from 30% to 65%, a system that would allow your team to target opportunities based off priority, a system that would help your team with effective messaging, and could show them how to complete 100 plus phone calls per day by following a pace chart. Our system also shows your team how to manage by the hour and not the day, and most importantly it holds everyone accountable for their tasks.

If you’d like to learn more about the 5 day course I’ve created that teaches your management team my system… the same system that allowed me to sell 45 cars a month and take a Toyota store from #56 to Top 20… then give me a call at 888-342-6018

The goal of this 5 day course is to focus on concepts that can be applied directly to the dealership when your managers return. This isn’t “pie in the sky” stuff, this is real life, real people, real scenario training…

Reid Richards - 888-342-6018

Top Takeaways for Reps/Sales People

  • Extreme Technique Training
  • How to Master The Phone Up
  • Effective follow up of Unsold Traffic
  • Get Internet Leads into the sales Area
  • Objection Handling
  • How to Set Solid Appts that Show and Buy

Top Takeaways for Dealership Managers

  • How to guarantee that your BDC is doing what it should
  • What Leads to Grip First
  • Staffing & Pay Plans
  • How to Shell out for the Department
  • How to Establish Everyday Hourly Performance Levels

Foundational Principles


  • Handling the Inbound Call
  • Customer Retention
  • Bringing Delinquents Back
  • Building Campaigns
  • Service Absorption


  • How to overcome phone reluctance
  • Minimum daily expectations to ensure success
  • How to maximize an inbound sales call
  • How to schedule solid appointments from the un-sold showroom
  • How to set solid appointments that actually show and buy